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Fire Inspection Services Wisconsin
Fire Inspection Services Wisconsin
Fire Inspection Services Wisconsin
Fire Inspection Services Wisconsin
Fire Inspection Services Wisconsin
Fire Inspection Services Wisconsin
Fire Inspection Services Wisconsin


Fire Inspection Services Wisconsin
Fire Inspection
  • State statute required inspections

  • Re-inspections for compliance

  • Electronic record maintenance

  • State-of-the-art software tools

  • Every inspection quality checked 

Fire Inspection Services Wisconsin
Fire Department Services
  • Develop or augment program 

  • Maintain occupancy database

  • Portal to access results/reports 

  • 24 hour fire investigation support

  • Fire service consulting

Fire Inspection Services Wisconsin
Occupancy Audit Support
  • Secure access to all records 

  • Inspection audit representation 

  • Reports available, as necessary

  • Full occupancy inspection history preserved



Established in 1987 and based in Nashotah, WI, Fire Inspection Services has built a reputation of excellence providing thorough and accurate fire inspections, re-inspections, and inspection audit support across a geographically diverse client base.

We are experts in in municipal and private fire department operations.  This includes consulting on cause-and-determination investigations and providing expert testimony in fire-related court cases.

Fire Inspection Services also performs inspections for:


  • CBRF

  • Adult Family

  • Shelter Care

  • Day Care

  • Group Foster Home

  • Residential Child Care Institution

  • Fire inspections, including the required State of Wisconsin DHFS forms

Fire Inspection Services utilizes cutting-edge software tools and employs highly-qualified inspectors.  We look forward to fulfilling all your inspection needs!



Fire Inspection Services has by far the most advanced technology for inspecting, reporting, and sharing fire safety reports.  The inspectors are well-equipped and do an outstanding job.

Fire Chiefs and municipal clerks have unprecedented access to fire inspection results with Fire Inspection Services. The information is accurate and available immediately through their portal.

The re-inspection process that Fire Inspection Services offers is outstanding.  It's built into their technology so the process is thorough, reliable, and instantly available to Fire Chiefs.  It makes following up violations simple and effective.

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For any inquiries please call: 262-567-9764 or fill out the form below.

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40 Nashotah Road

Nashotah, WI 53058


To apply for a job with Fire Inspection Services, please send a cover letter and your resume to:

Get a quote: 262-567-9764
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